Nails by Le and Kevin - at the david michael salon and day spa

Le and Kevin are the former owners of Annie Nails in Simpsonville, SC. They have been doing beautiful custom manicures and pedicures for people in the upstate for over 20 years. 

To book an appointment with Le and Kevin Nails, call or text: 864-906-3435 


The David michael Salon and Day Spa Nail Spa

The Nail Service at David Michael Salon and Day Spa is committed to the health and beauty of individuals. 

Our spa treatments are designed for specific needs on your hands and feet. Every single element inside David Michael Salon and Day Spa has been carefully tested by us before bringing it to you. Our goal is to provide the healthiest and longest lasting results at an affordable price.

Ultimate Pedicure
Nail Services
Special event manicure and pedicure

Nails by Le and Kevin

To schedule an appointment call or text: 864-906-3435


Manicure/Pedicure Menu:

Basic Manicure/Pedicure - Our Basic Mani/Pedi is our deluxe Mani/Pedi. It is the callus treatment, sea salt scrub, mask wrap and hot towel. polish included. gel polish extra.

Manicure - $20       Pedicure - $30      Mani/Pedi - $50

hot paraffin wax treatment manicure/pedicure - Our most popular treatment is the basic mani/pedi along with the soothing hot paraffin wax treatment for your hands and feet. this includes the callus treatment. polish included. gel polish extra.

                                         Manicure - $25       Pedicure - $35      Mani/Pedi - $55

triple manicure/pedicure Paraffin and hot stone - Treat your tired hands and feet with this combination treatment. after a basic mani/pedi grooming, you will experience the wonderful feeling of the callus elimination for your feet. the exfoliation of your hands, arms and feet with sea salt scrub. then have your arms and legs wrapped in a warm soothing paraffin wax treatment. polish included. gel polish extra.

                                         Manicure - $30       Pedicure - $45      Mani/Pedi - $70

hot stone manicure/pedicure - In addition to the deluxe mani/pedi, customers will enjoy a special     treatment of hot stone massage to help soothe your aching muscles and joints. Also includes the callus   treatment, sea salt scrub, a mask wrap, hot towel, hot stone massages. polish included. gel polish extra. 

                                          Manicure - $25       Pedicure - $40     Mani/Pedi - $60

Le and Kevin Nails Price List

Full Set:             $30 and Up             Gel Polish Change:         $25 And Up              french polish:  $5

Fill In:                $20 And Up             Mani/Gel Polish:            $30 and Up              Nail Art:          $5 + up

Full Set Gel:       $40 And Up             Full Set Pink & White:   $45 and up              Eyebrow Wax:  $10 + up

Fill In with Gel: $35 and Up             Fill in pink:                    $25 and up              

Dip Powder Set:  $45 and Up             Fill in pink & White:      $35 and up              


To book an appointment with Le and Kevin Nails,

call or text: 864-906-3435 


David Michael Salon and Day Spa Nail Services

Manicure - $25

 Spa Pedicure - This pedicure will leave your feet feeling like new when the technician soaks, trims and files your nails, removes the cuticle, applies a scrub and lotion and finishes with a polish of your choice. $55

   Men's Pedicure - $25

    Ultimate Pedicure - You recieve extra special care with this pedicure when after the technician has soaked, trimmed and filed your nails, removed the cuticles, applies scrub, a mask and hot towels and follows up with a soothing lotion then polish. Your feet will be jumping for joy! $70

    Express Pedicure -  $35